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Pediatric care

When most people think about chiropractors, they think about adults getting treatment for back pain caused by their lifestyle or some injury. At Thrive Wellness Center in Fayetteville, AR, we also offer pediatric care and family care to help treat pain in children.


Prenatal Care

Our family care options aren't just for children who have already been born. We start with chiropractic care during pregnancy to make sure both the mother and the child are in good health throughout the pregnancy. Not only is this an important part of promoting a healthy birth, it's also a huge benefit because it can help relieve some of the pain and other symptoms that often come with pregnancy.

No matter what stage of pregnancy you or a loved one is in, it's never too late or too early to get chiropractic care. At Thrive Wellness Center we can check to make sure everything is aligned properly in an expecting mother’s body and that she deals with only a minimal amount of pain during pregnancy.

Pediatric Care

The last thing you want is to see your child in pain, but the unfortunate truth of the matter is back and neck pain can affect everybody. If your child is dealing with chronic pain or has recently suffered a sports injury, visiting a chiropractor is a great way to get him the treatment he needs. We can make sure everything is properly aligned in a child’s body and advise you on lifestyle changes to help alleviate some pains he may be experiencing. We can even perform regular adjustments to make sure your child is staying on track with the treatment process and getting rid of his pain in the long term.

All-Natural Care from a Chiropractor Near Me

There are a lot of benefits to visiting a chiropractor for pain, and those benefits compound when you take your child to a chiropractor. Pain medications can have a lot of nasty side effects, and those pain medications are often prescribed to children and adolescents when they have a bad injury. With a chiropractic adjustment, children can get the pain relief they need without having to turn to pain medication, which means all the pain relief with no nasty side effects.

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Nobody wants to deal with pain on a regular basis, and thankfully, you and your children don't have to. Finding a good chiropractor in Fayetteville, AR, is one of the best steps you can take to get pain relief without having to rely on medication. To schedule an appointment with our chiropractor, call Thrive Wellness Center at (479) 439-8121 to learn more today.

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