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Back Pain Relief

Living with pain pushes people to search for immediate relief anywhere they can find it. Home remedies can be helpful sometimes but often the problem returns resulting in frustration and more pain. If you’re tired of the vicious cycle of back pain, let our specialists at ThriveWellness Center make your life easier.

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Back Pain Relief Q & A

by Benjamin Ozanne, D.C.

How Is Back Pain Treated?

There are many different ways that back pain is treated. Depending on a patient’s particular pain, a healthcare provider might suggest any of the following:

  • posture correction
  • chiropractic manipulations
  • massage or physical therapy
  • cold or hot packs
  • surgery

Surgery is only rarely needed. Most cases of back pain can be successfully treated with non-invasive treatments.

How Long Does a Back Pain Relief Appointment Take?

Most individual appointments take a relatively short amount of time. Most non-surgical treatments are done as outpatient procedures, which means patients can return to their home, office or school after the treatment is over.

One treatment, however, may not provide complete relief. Many patients need to see their chiropractor or other healthcare provider multiple times before their pain is fully relieved. For this reason, patients often decide to go to a back pain relief specialist near them. Seeing a provider who practices at a conveniently located office makes it easy to get to and from appointments.

Who Should Consider Seeing a Chiropractor for Back Pain Relief?

Anyone who suffers from severe, ongoing or recurrent pain in their back should consider talking with a chiropractor about their symptoms. Chiropractors have doctoral degrees and spend years studying the back in particular. They’re highly qualified to diagnose and treat multiple types of pain. The sooner a patient makes an appointment with a chiropractor, the sooner a cause can be identified, and the pain can be treated.

What Should Patients Look for in a Chiropractor?

Patients who are suffering from back pain should look for a licensed chiropractor who specializes in back pain relief. The ideal chiropractor will also be able to assess the health of other parts of the body, so they can treat any condition that might be affecting the back. For recommendations of chiropractors in their area, patients may ask their family, friends, or medical doctors.

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