Backpack 101: 4 Tips to Picking the Perfect Bag for Your Kids


Backpack 101: 4 Tips to Picking the Perfect Bag for Your Kids

Lugging more than 10 percent of their body weight (which isn’t much — about five and a half pounds for a 55-pound child) can be a serious pain in a kid’s back. Some ways to lighten the load:

  1. Get the right fit—Kids focus on what’s in style but your student should be like Goldilocks with that “just right” fit, including adjustable straps to keep it secure and closer to the body for more support. Wearing both straps help with this to avoid muscle spasms and neck or back pain.
  2. Get the right size—All those school supplies including laptops and tablets have got to fit in your student’s bag so make sure it’s big enough. Be aware, though, a backpack shouldn’t be more than 5-10% of a student’s weight once it’s packed, or it’ll result in lots of strain on the back and neck.

  3. Get what’s comfortable—Extra wide and padded straps bring that next level of comfort keeping hefty bags from digging into the shoulders. Padded backs help out too but to get the full benefit a backpack should be worn no more than 4 inches below the waistline to prevent additional strain.

  4. Get what’s efficient—How many pockets does it have? Your student should be able to distribute the weight of their stuff easily between all pockets and compartments. Also, the heavier items should be packed in the bottom so they carry closest to the spine and core for better support.

Make sure your child has a happy, healthy school year ahead. Pick up that pack from time to time, and let your children know you’ve got their back!